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Julie S.

I am so happy I was able to work with Shannon and have her guide me to look my best self for the photo-shoots!! I would highly recommend her coaching to EVERYONE!

Ashley W.

I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed working with Shannon Petralito. She listens to me so she can understand what I seek in training and adjusts accordingly to help me progress.

Jenn C.

I love working with Shannon because she really listens to what you need both physically and emotionally too. Not only do her programs work, but she has such a holistic view on the entire process.


What better time than the present? Make the choice, take the chance & make a change! Let's discuss your goals and how my tailored programs will work to get you to a happier, healthier, You!


Shannon is a dedicated, patient, and motivating coach. I have been working with Coach Shannon for two years now and have seen an incredible transformation in my body and mindset. I have always been lean and had a goal of gaining more muscle.

During my first show prep I was able to build lean muscle and really improve on my form and technique with weight training. Being more of a cardio person I had to get comfortable with lifting heavier weights. Training with Shannon is the exact push I needed. She always knows when I can go harder, lift heavier or go for a few more reps. That’s the type of training that takes you from where you are to where you really want to be.

My very first time competing I placed top 5 in fit model and 2nd place in bikini!!!

For my second show I had a goal of putting on even more muscle and gaining some murves (muscle + curves). The online coaching was incredible and I looked forward to new lifts every month. Putting on weight for this show prep was scary and something completely new. Shannon encouraged me to eat clean healthy foods and embrace my new gains. I also trained with her at the fitness facility 1-2 times a month for an extra push.

This past weekend I competed for the 2nd time and placed 1st and earned my Procard in bikini‼

If you are looking for a coach that knows her stuff, gives tough love when you need it and doesn’t allow you to settle... then Shannon is your coach 

Thank you coach for pushing me to be the best me. Now, time to start working towards new goals.



Three years ago I was borderline diabetic on anti-diabetic medication. I even had to wear a holter monitor at one point from having cardiac issues from just walking up the stairs. I was incredibly physically unhealthy. But it goes far beyond the physical. I was depressed, I felt defeated. I hated the person I saw every day, and was so angry with myself for getting there. I didn’t have a gym membership not because I was lazy, but because of pure fear of being judged for how big I was. I was embarrassed & uncomfortable. Those feelings spilled out into every aspect of my life. 


One particularly tough day, I decided I was just going to Google trainers in the area for the hell of it. That’s when I came across Shannon. At first I thought there’s no way I’m at any level to work with this woman! But I figured what harm would come from emailing her and finding out. I am so incredibly happy that I did. From the start, Shannon was so kind and understanding. She listened to all my concerns and was compassionate to my fears and insecurities. She’s tough when she needs to be, and I needed that accountability. 


Not only that, but she gave me hope! She’s so approachable and honest. You can tell she truly cares about you succeeding. My life has changed a lot over these three years with work and life, but Shannon always makes my plans flexible and adaptable. She works with you to make things tailor fit to your specific needs, and that’s so appreciated. She cares about you as a whole person. I’m so grateful I found her that day by chance on Google. It changed my life. 



I first started working with Shannon a little over a year ago for competition prep. She coached me for my first competition and is coaching me for my second competition. I continued to work with her in between the two competitions to build muscle and for nutritional guidance. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Shannon. She is a coach that I hope everyone can experience. You are working towards a goal and she is there to guide you no matter what that goal is. 

She isthere for you no matter in the gym, nutrition and anything in life that may be going on. Her workouts are challenging and custom to every person. I’ve always struggled with nutrition and everyday we find new things that our bodies agree and disagree with Shannon has helped me in so many ways to recognize what my body needs to achieve the most efficient results both in the gym and daily activities. I am so happy to have Shannon as a coach!






"It’s amazing to me how Personal Training improves my attitude and clears my mind to think creatively."


I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed working with Shannon Petralito, owner of SP Fit & Personal Trainer. There’s so much to say about her that it will sound rehearsed, but Shannon is amazing!  


She constantly seeks information to stay current on training styles and lifts, whether you’re training for a competition or have different goals. There's no one better to help you along with your journey to achieve your goals and then some. She listens to me to understand what I seek in training and adjusts accordingly to help me progress. She absorbs knowledge from all sources and tests it before sharing it with me. She’s careful, observant and MOTIVATING. I appreciate that because that keeps me from injury. Shannon pushes me to achieve my fitness goals beyond what I would do on my own…countless times. 

We’ve learned a lot about each other with the years of training. Shannon–all I can say she is a woman of morals, character, and integrity. She is honest, dedicated and selfless. I know she values lessons learned, but mostly She focuses on the future and growth. She is supportive, encouraging and full of warmth and vitality.  

There are always goals to achieve. The training itself shows documented physical progress toward these goals, but it’s amazing to me how personal training improves my attitude and clears my mind to think creatively. It sounds weird, but it’s true! Personal training is a physical and mental outlet that leads to positive changes. Shannon makes it fun and keeps it interesting. 

I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed working with Shannon Petralito. She listens to me so she can understand what I seek in training and adjusts accordingly to help me progress.



I worked with Shannon on my diet for 6 weeks to get ready for 2 photo shoots. I have dieted several times prior to this and working with Shannon was by far the best experience I’ve had with a coach to date.The meal Plan was very reasonable.I lost a healthy amount of weight over the 6 weeks where in the past I’ve been pushed way beyond my limits. I have been over dieted before and I am grateful for Shannon’s guidance and perspective here. I learned so much about my body to get photo-shoot ready.


Shannon was always available and checked in with me weekly. She would make the right adjustments based on my progress. I never had to do hours of cardio twice a day. My workouts aligned well with the expectations of the diet. I am so happy I was able to work with Shannon and have her guide me to look my best self for the photo-shoots!! I would highly recommend her coaching to EVERYONE! Whether it’s lifestyle, contest prep, or photo-shoot prep, Shannon has the expertise, patience and sincerity to help you get to your goals. I am grateful to have worked with her to help me get to mine.



I have been working with Coach Shannon for about two years now and she not only has helped me through one of the biggest transformations I’ve been through, but has also become such a dear friend. The picture above was from August 2018, weighing 157 and the other in March 2019 weighing 145 - that’s 12 pounds and 7 months of hard work, early morning and late night workouts, meal prep grind, lots of celebrations but also lots of sweat and tears in moments where my patience and confidence were tested.


I competed for the second time in the WBFF Fitness Atlantic this past April 2019 under Coach Shannon and I was beyond proud to say I placed Top 6 out of a very competitive group of girls this year! I love working with Shannon because she really listens to what you need both physically and emotionally too. Not only do her programs work, but she has such a holistic view on the entire process that you can trust as you quickly learn about balance to understandyes, it takes hard work and sacrifice in order to progress, but it is possible to be sustainable long term.


I’ve competed before, with other coaches and crash dieting was a thing I never wanted to experience again. With Shannon, I have found so many wonderful foods I enjoy daily even today being off-season from any type of competition prep. Training hard but safe is very important to me from having a previous back injury from a couple years ago and she 100% keeps that in mind when developing our custom programs. I feel like I can still kick butt in my workouts, but within my limits. 


I have not only built the body of my dreams working with Shannon, but she’s also helped me build up my self confidence where I’ve learned the love the body I’m in and I am forever thankful to her for that.


Ashley Hoefer.png

Shannon helped me to reach my health and fitness goals to prepare for my wedding. She really worked with me to see what I wanted to get out of the experience, and to find out what was most important to me. Online check ins with her are easy and quick. Keeping everything online made it affordable for me so I was also able to save for my wedding at the same time. I could not have been happier with how I looked and felt on my wedding day. 


Thank you Shannon!


Renee Gwaltney

I have been training with Shannon for over a year and I can say that honestly, she is the best coach anyone could ask for!!


Shannon helped prepare me for my first fitness competition and in the beginning I doubted that I would ever be able to step on stage. Not only did I step on stage, but I felt that with the preparation I received from Shannon, I felt my best. Through her motivation during workouts, tailoring my workout plans and nutrition guidelines specifically for my goals, I felt I could do what I never expected I could. Shannon creates a positive environment where you can conquer your fitness goals.


Shannon is a top-notch coach with the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve any fitness/lifestyle goals. Thank you Shannon for always being there to push me to go that little bit further!


Kristen Sawyer.jpg

I met Shannon last year, about 8 weeks before going on vacation with my family. The thought of putting on a bikini after having two small children was tough for me. Shannon set me up with weekly workout plans, nutrition tips, and she was just an email away for any questions, advice or motivation. The results I got were amazing, and I gained all my confidence back. Thank you Shannon for changing my life for the better!



I recently, decided to book a photo shoot with Shannon’s husband (Clik photography) and asked Shannon to help me prep for this...I was shocked at how detailed her plan was considering I didn’t give her much notice, From nutrition to weight training to photo shoot posing instruction & her quick responses to my questions...she’s absolutely fantastic...the girl knows her stuff!!


Marissa Testa.jpg

A master of her craft, Shannon is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about fitness and health. I started working with her hoping to lose a few pounds and improve my overall fitness. With her personalized comprehensive training and nutritional program, I have been able to achieve and surpass all my goals, dropping 15 pounds in twelve weeks.


She provides continuous motivation and helps push me past my perceived limitations. As a direct result of working with Shannon, I have become happier, healthier, stronger and more confident. I look forward to continuing to work with her long-term and see where this fitness journey will take me with her guidance and support.


Kathey Lyon-1.png

Training with Shannon has been a game changer for me. I started in October of 2016 and have had so much growth physically, mentally and in my confidence in life in general. 

I came to her basically clueless about lifting and proper nutrition in general. I was a cardio queen --having just ran a marathon and couldn’t figure out why in marathon training, I actually gained weight in the process after running about 40 miles a week and eating probably 1,000 calories a day. 

I decided I need to re-shift my whole exercise plan, train for a competition and sought the help of Shannon. She gave me a complete diet and exercise plan, so all I had to do was follow it and trust the process. 

She tweaks the program constantly to fit my needs and goals with frequent check ins and is there for every question and every step of the way. 

After 2.5 years, my physique gets better with every show and she has been so patient and supportive with my progress. 

Our training sessions together are a continual learning experience for me, leave me exhausted, but not without a ton of laughs and fun. 

I consider Shannon a true friend at this point and I am excited to see how much I can continue to grow with her.



Contact me for a free consultation. The time is now. We'll discuss your goals and how my tailored programs will work to get you to a happier, healthier, You!

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