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Reaching your goals takes commitment to your exercise and nutrition. It can get confusing knowing which products are the most reliable and beneficial to your progress. 


I’ve taken some of the guess work out! The following products not only continue to help me to look and feel my best, but they have also helped me get stage and magazine ready! 


They are brands I trust and continue to use & now I want to share them with you!

Reboot your fat burning system with plant based TrimFit! The patented ingredient Trisynex Trisynex naturally adjusts your “fuel gauge” hormone leptin and a “fat-burning” hormone called adiponectin. These two hormones elevate your fat-burning potential so you stay satisfied (less hungry), lose body fat, build & preserve lean muscle!

Check out my Amazon store, where I have personally curated great products to help you get the results you're looking for.

These Durable Resistance Bands are for every possible workout imaginable! Don't be without! Workout bands provide versatility, cost-effectiveness and portability. Choose your style. All orders ship free. Light and travel-friendly. High quality materials, for any workout. Order NOW using offer code: shannon10 for 10% Off Orders!

PROTEA Nutrition is REAL Nutrition!

Protea is an all womens nutrition company utilizing real nutrition via non-gmo, vegan, artificial and preservative free supplements.

Enjoy a hot meal on the go and make smarter eating choices with the HotLogic® 

Electric Lunchbox. The first step towards an easier, more convenient mealtime. It's ready when you are. Order NOW using offer code: shannon20 for 20% Off Orders!

Their team of nurses are dedicated to providing services with the highest of quality and care. Every treatment is unique and customized to your particular needs and expectations. Medical Skin Boutique's goal is to provide skillfully tailored services specific to your own individual natural beauty. Mention you found them on and receive a free consultation and $50 off your next treatment! 

Ultra Lean, High Performance Protein means The Firicano Whey only uses limited and high quality ingredients in their products and that they live by a higher standard. Artificial and hazardous fillers are not an option. The Firicano Whey will never compromise product for profit! Order NOW using offer code: SHANNON10

for 10% Off Orders!

A convenient and easy to make pancake mix that has 25 grams of protein, is low in calories, made with 100% organic ingredients, NO artificial ingredients, contains healthy whole grain carbs and most importantly, tastes great!

Tasteless and filtered to be as smooth as milk, they mix with any flavor. Use in chocolate milk for kids or iced coffee for adults. Our 100% Pure Liquid Egg White Protein can be added easily into All Your Favorite Juices, Shakes, & Smoothies Without Cooking!

Manage your meals like you manage your life: efficient, organized and smart. Fitmark has taken meal prep bags to the next level with their innovative designs. Order NOW using offer code: petra15 for 15% Off Orders!

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