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For the individual who is serious about preparing for a competition. 

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SPFIT Custom Competition Prep Programming.

It can be your first show or your 10th! I am excited to create a custom program for you!

Each potential client will be required to fill out a brief questionnaire to ensure you are hiring the correct coach for your goals. 

Coaching philosophies differ widely in the industry, so I want to make sure each of my clients feel comfortable in their coaching choice. I offer a custom natural / whole foods based approach in my programming. 

What's Included:

Nutrition: Custom macro based nutrition for duration with adjustments as needed. Your nutrition will be detailed and specific to ensure your success! Each package includes a reverse diet post-show.


Workout Plan: Monthly training program tailored to your specific needs and goals. 


Check-In’s: Via E-mail: photos/video and completed detailed check in form.

  • Weekly e-mail check-ins until 4 weeks out

  • 2x/week check-ins < 4 weeks out

  • Daily check-ins via text and e-mail < 10 days out.

  • Text access as needed 48 hours prior and day of show. 

Supplements: Recommendations on proper supplements that will benefit your specific needs at each stage of the program.  

I also offer my clients homeopathic & holistic suggestions in terms of supplementation. 

Stage Coaching: Includes small adjustments to your current posing routine, advice on areas for improvement via weekly check-in pictures and video critiques closer to show time. *You must already have a choreographed routine in place.

If you are new to competing, you will need to purchase additional, fully instructed posing sessions either via Skype or in person. 

Stage Coaching Pricing: 

Hour $80 (Spfit member $70)

1/2 Hour $50 (Spfit member $40)

*Packages available upon request.

*Small group posing available upon request.

 Also included: 

  • Assistance with suit, gown, theme wear selection. 

  • Advice on hair, makeup & tanning. 

  • Industry marketing & sponsorship assistance. *If applicable 

Show Day Preparation: Recommendations on suit selection, gown/theme selection, tan, hotel, makeup, what to bring with you, etc.



Prep Package Pricing: 

All packages can either be paid in full, or set up a monthly recurring payment plan with a credit card (40% down payment required) 

If paid in full, there is a discount per package rate! 

There will be a $50 consultation fee for both phone consultations and in person consultations. This will be deducted from your first payment when you commit to a program. 


Packages are priced by the following: 

12 weeks-

16 weeks-

24 weeks- 

36 weeks-

52 weeks-

*I work with a set number of competitors at a given time so that each client receives the custom attention they deserve during their prep. 


*** These are all inclusive packages  - if you are only needing just nutrition or just training for example we can price point exactly what you need and make you a custom program based on your needs. 

Make the Choice. Take the Chance. Make the Change. 

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