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This program includes a combination of the Individualized Nutrition Program and The Online Training Program. Get ready for some amazing results!

Ready for SERIOUS results?

This program is designed for the client who is looking for a custom nutrition and training regimen to maximize results!

Programming is based on client’s specific needs and goals throughout the duration of the program. This program is not only a great fit for the new fitness enthusiast, but also the experienced individual looking for a program to help them reach that next level! This program can be combined with in house training for a discounted rate. Pricing is dependent on programming customization, client specific needs and duration. Options include 12 week through 52 week programming. 

There will be a $75 consultation fee for both phone consultations and in person consultations. This will be deducted from your first payment when you commit to a program. 

What's Included:

Nutrition: Custom nutrition for duration with adjustments as needed. Your nutrition will be detailed and specific to ensure your success! You have the choice of either nutrition program offered under nutrition.

Workout Plan: Monthly training program tailored to your specific needs and goals to ensure sustainability and success. 

Cardio Guide: A detailed cardio guide with examples. 

Supplements: Supplement guide on which supplements will benefit your specific needs throughout your program. 

I also offer my clients homeopathic & holistic suggestions in terms of supplementation. 


Guided Shopping List: A detailed shopping list broken down into each food group for easy shopping.

Access to Facebook support group: A support network sharing fitness tips and recipes to help you stay motivated and inspired throughout your programming. 

Check In’s: Via E-mail: photos/video and completed detailed check in form. Weekly check-ins, with adjustments, as needed to ensure success. Weekly text accountability to help you stay inspired! 

20% Off The Healthy Eats & Healthy Treats recipe book! 

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