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What if I told you that you can start improving your bodies fat burning system TODAY?

There are two key hormones that are very important when it comes to our bodies fat burning engine running efficiently & at an optimal level! 

They are known as Leptin & Adiponectin. Leptin, a peptide hormone & our satiety hormone, signals us when we have had enough to eat, when our calorie intake is sufficient. 

The main regulator of leptin production is body fat (or adipose tissue). Levels fluctuate depending on your current weight, especially your percentage of body fat. Leptin is produced mainly by adipocytes (fat cells), which is why levels of leptin usually increase when someone gains more body fat, and decrease when someone loses weight. 

The second hormone worth mentioning is Adiponectin which is also a peptide hormone made up of amino acids. 

Adiponectin is an adipokine (signalling molecule secreted from fat cells, like leptin) which positively influences glucose metabolism and fat loss.


Increasing adiponectin levels & decreasing leptin levels  are thought to result in fat loss and improved health.


Adiponectin regulates how your body uses fats and sugar and helps you burn fat! The other nice benefit is that it can reduce inflammation and cholesterol build up in the arteries.  

Think of losing & gaining weight in simple terms: Leptin & Adiponectin are key regulators of your bodies fat burning engine, allowing the brain & fat cells to communicate, Leptin is like the fuel gauge, letting your brain know how full you are. Adiponectin is like the gas pedal, telling your metabolism to speed up or slow down. At blanched levels these hormones work together to control the engine, telling the brain to start or stop eating & telling the bodies metabolism to speed up or slow down the fat burning process.

There are many factors that can influence both of these hormone levels in our bodies & can sometimes short circuit the communication among the two hormones, the brain & the body. The result is an engine out of tune resulting in a cycle of excess eating & fat storage. 

  • Calorie intake

  • Meal timing

  • Sleep/wake schedule and sleep duration (both linked to your circadian rhythm)

  • Light exposure

  • Exercise

  • Stress

  • Stimulant consumption 

It is crucial for these hormones to work together in balance when sending their signals to the brain. Once the hormones are in balance hunger is reduced & our metabolism's fat burning efficiency is restored! 

KetoLife TRIMFIT does just that!  With the patented ingredient Trisynex, TRIMFIT:

  • Lowers Leptin, reducing stored fat.

  • Increases Adiponectin, signaling the body to burn body fat & increase I preserve lean muscle. 

  • Balances Leptin so stored fat is reduced.

  • Balances both Leptin & Adiponectin for optimal energy balance & fat metabolism. 

TRIMFIT is plant based, Non GMO, Keto Friendly, contains no preservatives, no soy, gluten, wheat, yeast, fish, caffeine or gelatin. It is compatible with all dietary plans & fitness programs. 

The main ingredient Trisynex has a profoundly safe & efficacious profile based on multiple scientific studies. 

Combined with a healthy diet & exercise TRIMFIT can help you not only safely burn stored body fat but also help your metabolism run more efficiently! 

Are you ready to reignite your fat burning engine? 


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Reignite your fat burning engine! 

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