Body Ambition Lifestyle Program

A program custom designed for you using a holistic approach! Perfect for those looking to lose weight for an event, for your health and to just your best at any age!

What’s Included:


  • bi-weekly check-in with your coach in which she will adjust your program as needed to keep meeting your goals
  • learn how to fuel your body the healthy way! Individualized meal and nutrient planning!
  • nutrition and fitness guidance
  • monthly workouts to fit your lifestyle and fitness level
  • access to private facebook page filled with motivation, inspiration, recipes, anywhere workouts and more from other like-minded individuals on the program!
  • access to the BA mobile app

Once you receive your welcome and coach’s info you will be asked to send along before pictures (front, side and back in a bikini) along with a food log and our BA questionnaire to fill out, we will then create your program utilizing all the above elements to get you started!

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 BA Online Nutrition Program !

Are you looking for guidance with your current nutrition? Not sure what types of foods to eat?  Not sure if your eating enough or too much?

Purchase the BA 30 Day Nutrition Plan & receive Nutrition Guidelines and a 30 Day Meal Plan!

  • Learn the fundamentals of eating clean and proper portions!
  • This plan not only includes variety but is also a realistic plan that allows you to eat clean & fuel your body with the nutrients it needs so you feel full of energy!
  • Sign up today! Learn how to eat clean and healthy! Reaching your fitness & physique goals begins in the kitchen!!!

$99 per month  - recurring until cancelled

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YOUR Full Potential Just Got Closer!

  BA Online Training Program

     Already familiar with the gym & looking

​for  a great workout routine? 

 Not sure of how many sets or how many reps? 
 Not sure if your getting enough variety  in your routine?
​ Are you just looking for a great 30 day plan guaranteed to   give you results?

  • This is for a 4 week custom training program is designed by  BA based on your goals you discuss with us!.
  • This is not for the competitor, but for the athlete or avid gym goer looking to step up their game and see results! 
  • Does not include nutritional guidance.

$80 per month – renews every month until canceled.

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Personal training / posing sessions can be booked by contacting Shannon directly. Personal training sessions can be booked at  Body Ambition Fitness in Middleton. 

E-mail for more information!

      Body Ambition Show Prep

   *A program custom designed for you using a holistic approach! This program is for those looking to compete in a fitness, bikini or figure competition. It doesn’t matter if you want to compete in 3 months or a year, this program will take you there, BA will guide you through the proper phases you need to get to the stage such as building, cutting and shred phases as well as the reverse diet to back you out from a show to a healthy attainable look year round!

*NOTE - We have several different show prep options available! Please visit for detailed description of individual plans!

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