I began my fitness journey in 2009 after looking through an Oxygen magazine one day & I decided I wanted to try and compete because I am always looking for a challenge within myself. With the support of my family & friends & the desire to succeed & the courage to follow my dreams I have achieved many things to be grateful for these past few years. I always look forward to what the future will bring!

Training and competing have given me the ability to take negative energy & or stress and turn it to positive by focusing that energy on working harder to constantly improve my physical state as well as my mental state. I love the challenge of being an athlete and being the best that I can be – for me!

My goal is to spread my knowledge & passion of health & fitness to other women and show them that they to can achieve their dreams & aspirations just as I have, it’s never to late. You have the power to do great things, believing in yourself & having the support of others around you makes anything possible!


Welcome to my site! My name is Shannon Petralito & I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified  Nutrition Specialist, competitive figure & bikini coach, published writer, spokesperson, fitness model & health & wellness expert.

I am also the 2015  WBFF FIGURE WORLD CHAMPION  & also hold the world title of MISS FIGURE UNIVERSE 2011. I hold a Bachelor Of Science degree from the University Of Massachusetts Boston &  have a passion for educating people on improving their quality of life through self belief, proper nutrition and exercise.

I currently live in Massachusetts. I am married to a supportive and amazing husband and together we have our son Anthony.

Together we are a team I thank God everyday for giving me such a beautiful family, my journey would not be complete without them! They are truly my biggest supporters & biggest fans!