My name is Shannon Petralito & I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, nutritional consultant, competitive figure & bikini coach, published writer, spokesperson, fitness model & health & wellness expert. I am a WBFF Professional Figure athlete & also hold the world title of Ms. Figure Universe 2011. I hold a Bachelor Of Science degree from the University Of Massachusetts Boston. I have a passion for educating people on improving their quality of life through self belief, proper nutrition and exercise.

I am 37 years young and I currently live in Massachusetts. I am married to a supportive and amazing husband and together we have our son Anthony. Together we are a team “Team Petralito” I thank God everyday for giving me such a beautiful family, my journey would not be complete without them! They are truly my biggest supporters & biggest fans!

I began my fitness journey in 2009 after looking through an Oxygen magazine one day & I decided I wanted to try and compete because I am always looking for a challenge within myself. With the support of my family & friends & the desire to succeed & the courage to follow my dreams I have achieved many things to be grateful for these past few years. I look forward to what the future will bring!

Training and competing have given me the ability to take negative energy & or stress and turn it to positive by focusing that energy on working harder to constantly improve my physical state as well as my mental state. I love the challenge of being an athlete and being the best that I can be – for me!

My goal is to spread my knowledge & passion of health & fitness to other women and show them that they to can achieve their dreams & aspirations just as I have, it’s never to late. You have the power to do great things, believing in yourself & having the support of others around you makes anything possible! I continue to have tremendous faith and truly believe that everything in our lives happens for a specific reason.

Situations and experiences pave the way for us to travel the paths that we are meant to travel. The Universe, God, of whomever your higher power may be has a plan for you and for your life. Don’t ask why or how, it is not your job to know these things. Instead, embrace everyday, be grateful for your experiences, both good and bad, for they make you the person that you are. These experiences build your character & shape your destiny.